I love inspiring all ages through playful  

workshops and talks. Taking you off autopilot

to find your inner child and your creative spirit!

The first time I was asked to run a full day training workshop I was terrified. That was nearly eight years ago, and since then I have not only run countless seminars with a wide variety of ages, interests and needs. I have grown to love the interaction with people and seeing their creativity rise to the surface. Workshops can run from 1hr to 1 week and as I said can be organised for any age, culture, interest, profession. The primary part of the workshop is about Play and opening up to your creative spirit. The materials stay pretty much the same, everyday objects, but the client and I create the desired outcome and questions in conversation.

"Creativity involves breaking out of established

patterns in order to look at things in a different way."

—Edward de Bono

Bring me to you!

If you are interested in, bring me to your school, organization or business I would love to explore the possibility. Please fill out this form with as many details as you can. I will contact you within a few days to see where we can go from here!

Think With Things Workshops

  • For Ideation in Businesses Get in the box of things to find your ideas

4 hour workshop At your office 10+ participants

  • For Team building a tête-à-tête with Things

3-4 hour workshop At your office 10+ participants

  • For Nursery Preschool Concepts

2 hour workshop In your classroom 10-24 students

  • For Primary Storytelling

2 hour workshop In your classroom/school library10-24 student

  • For Educators Things as Thinking Tools

4 hour workshop At your school 10+ participants

  • For Babies and Parents Big Things

2 hour workshop  At your home 4-8 baby/parent participants



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